About Us

About Smiths Rags

Smiths Rags is the leading wholesale & retail manufacturer of Cleaning Cloths in Victoria. Our company is a multi-site organization, enabling fast and efficient service to our customers. This is further expanded by a courier network to customers, throughout Victoria and across Australia.

Smiths Rags was established in 1993. Our experienced and friendly staff and management are dedicated to ensuring complete customer satisfaction and guaranteed quality products. The company is committed to providing a total quality package. This extends from the first contact a customer has with us right through to after sales service.

The Company's origins date back to some of Australia's leading charities from the mid 1900's.

We buy our garments from charities, ensuring they benefit from our support. The charities benefit from the sale of garments that are unsuitable for sale as garments. We transform these garments into Cleaning Cloths which are then used in the day to day operations of a multitude of industries.

Our company is a huge contributor to the environment by diverting tens of thousands of tonnes of waste away from landfill and recycled into a commercially viable product. We also offer a range of products for protecting our environment from chemical spills, both on the land as well as in our waterways.

The Cleaning Cloths are available in a variety of sizes for your convenience: 10kg, 20kg and 150kg . Pallet orders are also available for customers who wish to buy bulk. No order is too big or too small. We also wholesale to a network of on-sellers and we offer labelling of the bags to suit your needs.

The Cleaning Cloth products are supported by a full range of other consumable items including Toilet Paper, Hand Towels, Dispensers, Hand Cleaners, Coffee/Tea/Sugar, Cleaning Products, Spill Kits, First Aid Kits, Signs and other office and warehouse consumables. All can be delivered to your door in one delivery.